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The most valuable asset that the sports men have is their health. Along with regular physical workout what is equally important for them is watching what goes inside. The new mantra of keeping fit and maintaining weight seems to be coming from a concept of 'intermittent fasting'. The rules of a good diet specifies what to eat, but it is also important to watch out 'when to eat what you eat.' 

It is vital to remember that intermittent fasting (IF) is not a diet plan it is just a way of planning the eating intervals. It can be called a nutritional lifestyle which is helpful for losing the extra kilos and enhancing the metabolism rate. Athletes can well reach their goals through this convenient cutting down of meal times to get efficient results and may hold onto their physique once the desired weight has been achieved.

Which Plan IF is the Best

Intermittent fasting comes with different plans. It can be a window of two, four, six or eight hours. The 8 hour window proves to be a better option for most. All plans however are not suitable for everyone, but with the correctly suited plan for a body certain body type, it can definitely be an effective approach to lose weight.

Further to the intrinsic hormonal benefits this practice also gives more satisfaction from food and ultimately leads to less hunger pangs through the day which is good for maintaining body weight and also for the pocket as athletes do not need to buy additional supplements to maintain weight.

Full Day Fast Incorporated with IF

IF can be incorporated with full day fasts once or twice a week according to individual training schedules. Times when full day fasts are incorporated into the eating schedule, it is generally recommend once in a week. The reason being, most of the athletes are normally extremely active and they require including minimum activity in their scheduled when observing an entire day of fasting. As all sports people have at least one rest day every week, the full day fast can go hand in hand with the weekly rest break. It is important to remember that breaking the full day fast should not involve a heavy meal. It is ideal to have a small meal that consists of some fat and green vegetables. This kind of food will ensure the intake of minimum calories and will help in maintaining low insulin allowing the body to use the ingested fat as energy.

Whom is it Suitable For?

IF may not be suitable for all kind of sportsmen. While it may be good for martial artists, endurance athletes, athletes in weight classes, and sprinters but it may not be appropriate for football linemen and the athletes who have difficulty to hold on to a minimum recommended weight.

Further Benefits of IF

Recent studies show that IF not only helps in reducing weight but also save from some chronic diseases along with increasing longevity.

With IF harmonized with exercise the insulin sensitivity increases. Additionally there are other benefits like an increased secretion of growth hormones which have a myriad of advantages. It can be said that more of growth hormones in the body help lose fat and gain more muscles. Fasting also improves immunity along with an increased rate of fat loss.

Perhaps all these benefits is making IF the latest buzz in the world of sports men who include weight loss as an important activity in their regular routine. It just needs a little will power to reap the benefits of fasting with proper windows of interval.